Features to Connect Your Workflows

INNERGY empowers our users by providing solutions that solve problems of Custom Manufacturing, Millwork and Cabinet Shops. We are a software that connects all workflow processes together into one streamlined system.

Gone are the days of using a spreadsheet to track bidding, a home-grown database tool to track jobs, and another spreadsheet to track job costing. INNERGY combines all those tools, and much more, into one intuitive user experience that can be accessed from any location where you have an internet connection.

Luke Remmert

INNERGY’s web based, data driven approach gives us the flexibility to run our business from anywhere.  Whether in the office, plant, jobsite, or airplane, we can access all the data we need to operate our business.

Luke Remmert
Remmert & Company - Tuscaloosa, AL

Cloud Takeoff

Cloud Takeoff

Powerful markup tools + complex product calculations = the best takeoff and estimating solution available. We combine pricing and markup all in one action as well as the ability to do your takeoff in metric or imperial. From basic cabinetry to complicated reception desks, INNERGY can calculate your costing and pricing.


Track all communication with your customers & use data to understand who provides your best (and worst) margins. Use our Outlook integration to automatically create opportunities, track emails, and more.

Project Management

Convert your takeoff and estimating data into projects or start from scratch and use powerful tools to manage jobs.

Kanban Boards

Kanban Boards

Keep your team on the same page by keeping all of your bids and work orders organized in one place. INNERGY features Kanban Boards for Bidding, Drafting, Production and Installation


Purchasing has never been easier. Create Purchase Orders quickly and easily based on real time demand populated by just using the system.

Real-Time Notifications

The most important updates are pushed to you as they happen, so you won’t miss them.


Use our built in API to connect external systems, access data, and build your own tools.

Opportunity Tracking

Use our powerful Kanban boards to visualize your sales progress and view your Sales Forecaster.

Parametric Product Library

Benefit from our product library that ships out of the box. Get accurate and consistent estimates. Customize the library to your needs and shop capabilities. The product library can help you cost a basic panel as well as that one-off custom feature wall.

Real-time Job Costing

As your employees clock time and consume materials, job costing is populated in real time.

Sheet Management

Sheet Management

Save hours with auto-renaming, versioning and cloud storage of architectural drawings.

Inventory Management

Our Kiosk app will reflect current inventory and show status of material purchase orders. Your office can manage PO’s, communicate with vendors and closely manage stock levels.


QuickBooks and Sage integration will allow you to quickly push all needed data to your accounting system. Not using Quickbooks or Sage? Ask us about integrations with other accounting packages.

Built in Training Guides

Built in Training Guides

We make on-boarding and implementation easy with our built in training Guides. No matter what your role, we have a Guide for you.


Bottleneck Report

Quickly identify the bottlenecks in your process and operate by implementing Theory of Constraints to real situations.



Quickly view your revenue goals in realtime. Manage your sales pipeline, tasks and more.

Material Demand

No more guessing about your material demands. Have all needed data right in front of you.

Engineering Integration

Use our Engineering Sync to link Microvellum, Cabinetvision, WoodCadCAM, Cut Right, BlueCell and more. Reconcile materials on work orders, shipping tickets, and work order items.

Populate Drafting From Takeoff

Use our engineering tool to populate your engineering software from information in takeoff. All the work that the estimator did can help populate your drafting system and save drafting time.


Create Work Orders, define their workflow, and be sure that everything goes according to plan.

360° Relationships

360° Relationships

Grade your existing customers based on historical and real-time data. Total Lifetime Win Rate, Total Lifetime Margin, and more. All available within a few clicks.

Time Tracking

Easy to use, simple to understand – our time tracking application was designed for the shop floor but still provides the right data for your payroll application.


INNERGY Site Manager is an android and iOS native app designed to help you control the installation and job site. Take photos of site conditions and communicate in real time with the office. Track notes, tasks, and time room by room. View Shop Drawings and make annotations in the field - and so much more.

Task Management

Create tasks and checklist items for everyone within your company and easily track their progress.

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