INNERGY Executive Forums


What is an Executive Forum?

INNERGY is more than just software. We pair our robust and powerful ERP platform with a tailored education experience called the Executive Forum. This experience takes business case studies and applies the lessons learned directly to the millwork industry.

The Executive Forum is part of the INNERGY experience– it is no extra cost to you. Change is hard and managing people is difficult– problems that software cannot solve alone. The week long courses are hosted in St. Cloud, MN. Change management is the central theme along with lessons designed to take your organization to the next level.

INNERGY’s Executive Forums are exclusively offered to our customers.

Richard Langford

I have spent over 30 years in various industries (public accounting, manufacturing and banking). During this time I have taken over 1200 hours of various continuing professional education and attended numerous other seminars. The Executive Forum series that I attended exceeded anything I had ever attended in the past and greatly exceeded my preconceived expectations. Marc’s knowledge and expertise of the case studies he presents and how he ties it in to our industry is exceptional. In addition, the relationships, dialog and time spent with other participants is priceless.

Richard Langford
Remmert & Company - Tuscaloosa, AL

Joe Keller

The INNERGY Executive Forum revolutionized the way we run our business.  Having an open conversation about business topics with my peers, without specifically talking about our companies, allowed me to dig into the way we run our company and make the changes needed to make real progress.  I also now have a peer group that I can call anytime to discuss ideas, progress, or best practices.  The Forum is the greatest leadership, business, conference type of event that I have ever attended!

Joe Keller
RCS Millwork - Ankeny, IA