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What is INNERGY?

An ERP solution that drives the complete business process of custom woodworking shops and other custom and ETO industries.

ERP Software.

Built by millworkers for millworkers, INNERGY is a comprehensive cloud based business management solution that will help you run your business from sales to install and everything in between. Access to data in real time allows our customers to be agile in their decision making.


Software isn’t a magic bullet. Collecting data is just the beginning, knowing how to develop strategies using the data is crucial. INNERGY offers education to help you and your team develop an integrated set of activities to be more strategic and profitable.


Measuring and monitoring the health of your business in any business climate is essential. INNERGY offers tools and training, beyond software, that position your business to increase margins and be more strategic.


INNERGY’s software, education, and tools enable your team to have the same measurable goals. When every team member has the same objective, your business can go further faster. Alignment can be a differentiator to set you apart from the competition.

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